My First Start-Up

Well, while being in an Indian school, I always had it in my mind that I may do something phenomenal in High School.But when I reached Senior Year, I understood that the only thing that I can be good at, is computers and people.It first came to me that I can build a project Here What Happened:-

The Background

I had been building projects and been coding since I was in my 8th Grade.Mastering HTML by the end of my sophomore year in my high school.I was able too build projects and basic websites, which put in my learning curve, because once you learn how to code in any programming language, you end up learning a lot of basics of most of the programming language.I was taking JAVA(Blue J) classes, but everything was pretty basic and elementary till Freshmen Year.Then, a new LAB was set up in my Sophomore Year, called Atal Tinkering Lab.The Atal Lab was a very well equipped and well-funded for Project Building.I got pretty excited about the Lab, so I started doing projects that were powered by Arduino and Raspberry Pie.I start attending workshops, events and competitions that were associated with the LAB.

The Team

I never took the Lab Projects seriously, but it was the senior year of high school, Where I was elected as the Science Club President of my High School, since I build many projects for my school and I was also able to manage my club members in a good manner.I was pretty excited of being a Club President, but I really didn’t know what was coming.There were total of 120 members to manage. I was not under a lot of pressure, because being a Club President does requires managing people, but since things were already predefined and instructed by school.I was ease at my life and suddenly I came across an opportunity of Start-Up Week(A Start-Up Battle Field for Indian High-School Students held at IIT(Indian Institute Of Technology), in India’s biggest Technology University.That let alone was big opportunity for us, but our activity co-ordinator denied the invitation for the specific event.Then, I got a little angry that we didn’t had our own startup in our school, that we could even send our own students.Then, it me hard that we need to build our own Start-up in our school.I just picked the best 5 students in my club.The 3 good tech people,2 business students, who were quite street smart among their peers.

The Project

Now, comes to building our core product and how we will be going to market the products and making something which is not just something that was created a day or two.I came up with the idea of making a Project called “Vision Above”, which will help Blind people, to walk without the help of any stick or other device./our Basic ideas was too to build a VR headset that we will be able to put Ultrasonic sensors in a every dimension and programming it in a way that if they have a person, object, or pit and it will alert them without making a large sound, but just notify the Blind Person and then recommending a direction for the individual and connecting that to GPS and guiding them walk to the respective places they want to.

Building the Project

So the Building and coding of the project was basically imagining building a car and actually building a car. When you start doing the projects and the project architecture it’s mostly fun, but you get angry about the code errors, and the extra equipment that comes along when you start building the working prototype, which took a lot of hard work, and sleepless nights. But on top of that when everything starts working out.Then, when you have to work on a specific thing, then the funds and resources that were reserved for the product was just spend on experimenting to make the prototype perfect.


The Final prototype we made was ready two days before the Start-UP Battle Field. We took our best players to the company, which was our team. Then Onwards I realized that what we have to do is not just build the model,